Natural and Organic Skincare from across the pond - Etsy Wish List

frecklefarm organics
Back in March, I wrote a post about Global Natural and Organic brands I discovered on Etsy. Fast forward to the present and I spent another lunch break snooping around and here are the gems that caught my eye.

I think we can all see why I was drawn to Frecklefarm Organics. The super cute designed packaging is a winner but the product range also looks divine.

herb & root skincare
Herb & Root - With products like Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Body Scrub and Spiced Vanilla Glaze Massage Oil, Herb & Root makes me hungry for dessert.

herbivore botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals - I like the look of the modern and minimalist packaging. Katie of informs me that their Blue Clay soap is one of her favourites.

I don't wish to bombard this post with lots of pictures but can I also suggest checking out - ELUCX, Metta Skincare, Ginger Chi, Coast & Clearing

Sarah x

Disclaimer - not sponsored, no affiliated links, selection based on information provided on seller Etsy page and/or websites, I am trusting these companies have good ingredients.