Balm Balm Organic Chamomile Floral Water - Soothing Baby Mist

Balm Balm Organic Chamomile Floral Water - Soothing Baby Mist
I have been using Balm Balm Organic Chamomile Floral Water for months and it some how slipped my mind to write a review. I love Balm Balm products because they are organic, have simple ingredients and affordable prices.

The website blurb for this floral water is - "Mist over sore, inflamed or itchy skin; rashes; cracked nipples or any areas that need a little soothing. Also perfect for spritzing over bed linen to induce sleepiness. Suitable for use from newborn but a ‘must-have’ for grown ups too."

For those of you not aware, a floral water is the by product of steam distillation of essential oils. They will have similar properties to essential oils but they are less concentrated. Floral water is a good product to have in your beauty cabinet as it has a number of uses. As I find chamomile works well with my sensitive skin, this suits me as a facial toner or for spritzing liberally when my skin is feeling delicate. Chamomile has a pungent earthy scent which may not be to everyone's taste. Balm Balm have four floral waters (including chamomile) in their range so you can chose according to personal taste or skin type. 

Have you tried Balm Balm products? Do you like to use a Floral Water?

Sarah x