Pure Chimp Super Soap - 100% Natural Goodness

Pure Chimp Super Soap
I volunteered to test Pure Chimp Super Soap. I pretty much feel in love with the scent before I'd unwrapped it. Oh boy, this smells freaking awesome, I adore the banana. It makes me smile every time I reach for the soap dish. Don't panic you won't be smelling like Banana Man all day long. I find this soap leaves a mild scent on the skin and it doesn't last long but enough to lift my spirits for a few minutes.

The ingredients are a pure as you can get, not a single one you can't pronounce and each of them offering skin nourishing benefits. The soap is on the soft side, I was able to break it in half without a struggle. The only downside to this is ensuring you have a draining soap dish because the soap can become very mushy if left in a puddle of water. Super Soap doesn't produce lots of lather but remember bubbles are fun but they don't clean your skin.

Pure Chimp Super Soap
Pure Chimp is a quirky little brand with honest, simple and Vegan ingredients. I would suggest that the product line could be beneficial for those with sensitive skin and/or eczema. All ingredients are visible on the website so that makes life a little easier if you have allergies. I consider prices to be affordable, Super Soap costs £3.95. A sample service is also provided.

Have you tried Pure Chimp Super Soap or any of their other products?

Sarah x

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