Review Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
Update 2017: Schmidt's have been acquired by Unilever

This has been the hardest post to write because Schmidt's natural deodorant has been getting a lot of positive attention in the Green Beauty Community. After seeing Chesca’s review (Fern & Moss) I decided to order a couple of trial sizes. I went for Lavender & Sage and Bergamot & Lime. My experience of natural deodorants is limited and this is the first time I have tried a solid “paste” rather than a liquid roll on.

The main ingredients in Schmidt are shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot and cocoa butter. Some people do report sensitivity to baking soda so I was a little concerned. I experienced very mild irritation but nothing of great significance. It could simply be from the action of rubbing the product onto my skin as I do find it is a little “gritty”. The scents are delightful and the Bergamot & Lime took me by surprise. I was not sure if it would suit my taste but I’m hooked and will look out for this combination in other products. 

Unfortunately, I find the application of this product infuriating but I am the first to admit I have very little patience. You need to scrape the deodorant out of the jar and collect the shavings into the palm of your hand. At this stage I usually ended up with half of it on the carpet. I was given the tip to roll into a ball (Thanks Naturally Paula) which does work as the product becomes tacky with warmth, you can then rub onto your skin. 

Once I tackled application next up was the stink test. I managed half a day at work and started to notice a little personal whiff, bearing in mind I have an office job and spend nine hours sat at my desk, I was disappointed. I don’t regard myself as a stinky person and sweat is only a problem when it's a hot summer day so I was a little shocked when I noticed I started to smell like Stig of the Dump. Okay joking aside, I probably was the only one picking up on my odour but it plays on your mind and I did become self conscious. The Bergamot & Lime failed me quicker than the Lavender & Sage so I guess my body chemistry is reacting to the essential oils. 

Now I know from past experience it is not unusual to have to re-apply natural deodorant because they are not antiperspirants. However I have to be honest, between the annoying application technique and needing to strip semi naked in the loo at work, I cannot be bothered with the hassle and conventional roll-ons involve less drama. 

I am sorry Schmidt’s I really did want to be part of your fan club. I certainly don’t want to put people off completely. There are many very positive reviews out there but I needed to share an alternative perspective on this one. Have you tried Schmidt's deodorant? What are your views on this product, good or bad?

Sarah x