Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

Sugarpuffish Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas 2014
I love researching for my Christmas Gift Guides (this year I have planned 3 posts) but my favourite is the Eco Friendly theme. It's really great to find unique products which are made from recycled and upcycled materials. I also look for items which support charities or fairtrade programs. I mention it every year but you really can find some hidden gems from around the world on Etsy plus Folksy and Not On The High Street are good for supporting UK sellers.

Girl With Beads sells recycled fashion gifts from bags, pencil cases, cushions and jewellery. The item which I first spotted from this company was the Recycled Flat Cap Bag. It's a unique gift which any girl with an eco-conscious or vintage fashion sense is going to love. (

My next pick was inspired by my Mum. For anyone who loves sewing I thought bundles of recycled and vintage fabrics was a lovely gift idea. Cupboard Love put together collections from their own crafting. Jane also sells other items, handmade keyrings, purses and cushions (

Who remembers vinyl records and tapes? I know my collection is gathering dust in the loft. When the Musics Over make Home Accessories and Jewellery From Vintage Vinyl Records and Tapes. It was the notebooks that initially caught my eye but they also have clocks, cake stands, book ends, letter racks and jewellery (

I chose the pink heart ring because it's adorable and colourful. However, the cherry on top was the discovery that Sesh handcraft jewellery and art from recycled skateboards. I think that definitely scores you brownie points for a unique gift. (

Lastly, I could not resist the cute children’s hats. They are made from reclaimed wool clothing. (

Sarah x

Disclaimer - I will not receive any commission should you purchase from companies mentioned in my gift guides. This is not a sponsored post.