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YouTube: Natural & Organic Skincare Haul

I've been shopping in recent weeks/months, check out new products I'm currently using. 

  • Pure Nuff Stuff Shaving Soap (purenuffstuff.co.uk)
  • Dr Bronner’s Unscented Organic Shikakai Baby Hand & Body Soap
  • Laughing Bird Lavender & Chamomile Body Wash (laughingbird-bodycare.co.uk)
  • Green People Scent Free Shower Gel - the two ingredients I hesitate with are SODIUM COCO-SULFATE & COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE both have Eco Cert approval but the latter has been linked to contact dermatitis (greenpeople.co.uk)
  • Konjac Sponge Pink Clay Bath Sponge (konjacspongecompany.com)
  • Green People Minty Cool Toothpaste
  • WooBamboo tooth brush - GWP from Naturisimo but they don’t list on their website (woobamboo.com)
  • Gaia Creams 2 in 1 Coconut Mousse (gaiacreams.com)
  • Love Lula Try Me Foundation Set - Light