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What's in my bin? Empties October 2014 (Video)

What's in my bin? Empties October 2014

This is a couple months worth of empties as I'm alternating between Favourites and Empties. Products featured in this video listed below.

Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo & Giovanni Flat Iron Styling Mist
Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Foundation Rosy Beige 3C
Love Soap Shampoo & Bodywash*
Pure Thoughts Soap

Disclaimer - *PR samples


  1. I always wanted to try love soap but they dont ship here!

    Big kisses ❤

    1. That is a shame, unfortunately a lot of the brands I feature are UK based so I guess they are not inclined to offer shipping overseas. Perhaps they will get picked up by a 3rd party site who will offer that service.