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YouTube: Winter Essentials Tag

Sugarpuffish Winter Essentials Tag
The idea of this Tag is to select 5 items (anything you like) that you love using during the Winter. I ended up in a muddle and lost count, so bonus item for you. I was tagged by Chesca (Fern & Moss)

Items mentioned
1. Winter Accessories - scarves & hats
2. PJ's
3. Dairy Free Hot Chocolate (Sweet Freedom Choc Shot, Oatly Chocolate)
4. Lip Balms - *Opulentia Organics, Crazy Rumors, *Hurraw
5. Body Butters - *Chilly B Hand Balm & Foot Butter, *Lyonsleaf Healing Calendula Cream, *Balmology Comfort Balm

I tag 
Jen - Jen's Green Skincare
Hephzibah - Good For Me, Good For You
Annie - Hello Purle Clouds
Nicole - Eco Chic Beauty Diva

Sarah x

Disclaimer - Products marked with an asterisk * are  PR samples