Introduction to LouLouBelle London - Natural Aromatherapy Skincare

LouLouBelle London Natural Aromatherapy Skincare
(update September 2021 - sadly LouLouBelle has ceased trading)

Let me introduce you to a skincare brand that I recently discovered online. LouLouBelle London is a boutique aromatherapy company and their mission is to create beautiful skincare from natural ingredients. Products are handmade in small batches using essential oils, plant essences and floral waters. They have chosen to formulate without bleaching agents, sulphates, bulking agents / fillers or artificial colourings or fragrances. I originally wrote this article  in 2014 which is when the company launched and over the years they have become an award winning brand. I have come to know LouLouBelle as entrants for the Free From Skincare Awards.

So what type of products can you purchase from LouLouBelle? There are a  wide range of options available under the categories of Skincare and Bath & Body.  You can purchase cleansers, toners and moisturisers for various skin types, along with gorgeous body creams and oils plus pampering treats of bath milks/oils. If you are looking for a special treat then check out the gift sets. For those with sensitive skin, LouLouBelle has a "Nude" range with several products formulations without the inclusion of essential oils

Sarah x