Merry Christmas 2014

Sugarpuffish Merry Christmas 2014
Merry Christmas Everyone

Work gets crazy busy before the holidays so it's at this point that I have decided to take a break from blogging and enjoy the festivities with friends and family. I will return to my blog in the New Year.

A huge thank you to everyone who supports me. You are all awesome and I appreciate that considering all the blogs out there, you are still here with me. Can you believe 2015 will be my 4th year of running this blog? Blows my mind each time I think about it :D

As a side note, I wanted to let you all know that each year I donate some of my advertising funds to charity. This year I have made donations to -
  • Liz ( who is raising money for Cancer Research and will be running the London Marathon in 2015. 
  • A friend who ran 5k to raise money for Keech Hospice Care
  • Reading Rabbit Rescue
I hope everyone has a wonderful time over the holidays. Sending love and happiness for the New Year ahead.

Sarah x


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