What I eat - Vegan Truffles, Cake in a Mug & Lentil Bolognese

Tried and Tested Recipes #1 Vegan Truffles, Cake in a Mug & Lentil Bolognese
Here's what I have been cooking in recent weeks.

  • Lentil Bolognese - I had a bag of lentils that need using up and after a quick google search I came up with a million and one recipes for lentil bolognese. I will say it may be worth preparing lentils in advance because this wasn't a quick meal to make.
  • Vegan Chocolate Cake in a mug - I'm cheating as this first appeared on my blog in 2013 but I had forgotten how good it was until I was craving a sweet treat one evening.  
  • Vegan 'Cheesecake' (minimalistbaker.com) - I made the peanut butter versions but adapted the base with Nakd bars which was an idea I took from another recipe. These were very tasty but if I made it again I would probably opt for a traditional digestive biscuit base.
  • Raw & Vegan Chocolate Truffles - there are plenty of Vegan truffle recipes on Pinterest and I tried one from The Kitchy Kitchen. These have to be the most delicious treat I have ever made for myself, pure indulgence.
Do let me know if you try any of these recipes as I would love to know what you thought of them.

Sarah x


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