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Eco Friendly Wet Wipes - Make Up, Intimate & Baby Wipes

Organyc Wet Wipes

I recently wrote a Guest Post about natural & organic baby skincare so wet wipes have been on my mind. I would suggest any type of wet wipes (baby, intimate or facial) should be used with caution if you have sensitive skin. Many brands have ingredients linked to contact dermatitis (e.g. methylchloroisothiazolinone) but they are also bad for the environment. Last week I read an article which stated "The number of wet wipes washing up on beaches in the UK increased by more than 50% last year, say conservationists, who have urged people to stop flushing them down their toilets." theguardian.com

I know wet wipes serve a purpose on occasions but when using for makeup removal please don't rely on them for 100% of your cleansing routine. You should follow up with a traditional cleanser to remove deep down dirt and grime. Personally, I never use for cleansing but I carry a packet when travelling as they can get you out of a sticky finger emergency when you can't reach a bathroom.

I've listed below brands that tick the boxes with ingredients and eco-friendliness (biodegradable/flushable).

Beaming Baby - Organic, Fragrance Free & Facial Wipes 
Cheeky Wipes - reusable Baby wipes 
Clearly Herbal - Baby wipes 
Faith in Nature - Makeup wipes
Jackson Reece - Baby wipes 
Natracare - Intimate, Baby & Makeup Wipes 
Organyc - Intimate & Baby wipes 
Rawganic - Makeup wipes
Water Wipes

Many of the baby wipes mentioned above are available in shops (supermakets /high street). If you have a rummage in my blog Archives, I have previously reviewed Blum Naturals Towelettes, Superdrug Feminine Wipes, Faith In Nature & Natracare Intimate wipes. 

Let me know if you have a favourite brand of natural and organic wipes.

Sarah x

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