Natural and Organic Skincare for Babies

Natural and Organic Skincare for Babies
We all know babies have delicate skin so in the first month it is recommended you only use water to cleanse and after this time slowly introduce products. The idea is to allow the skin to develop its natural protective barrier and this may help reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions and eczema. Be careful not to over bathe your baby, two to three times a week is recommended.

My first tip is an important one - always read the labels. I recommend you avoid sulphates (SLS - sodium lauryl sulfate/SLES - sodium laureth sulfate), petrochemicals (paraffin/mineral oil), artificial colours and fragrances. When opting for natural and organic skincare I recommend you select products developed specifically for babies as the essential oils will be at a lower percentage compared to skincare suitable for adults. It is still possible to react to essential oils so I would always recommend patch testing. Watch out for the term "hypoallergenic/dermatologically tested" as it can be misleading. It's a marketing term used to imply a product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction but that does not necessarily make it natural, organic or free from synthetic ingredients.

In your kit of baby products include soap/body wash, shampoo, body lotion/oil and nappy rash cream/balms. Avoid high street brands of baby powder (talc) as the ingredients can be considered harmful on baby’s lungs if inhaled (and same can be said for adults). I am also not a fan of lanolin and urea, common ingredients found in nipple balms and emollients. If you chose to use wet wipes, consider biodegradable brands that are free from perfume and alcohol. Please remember that unless the packet tells you otherwise, don't flush wipes down the toilet as they end up on our beaches. You may also wish to consider switching to a laundry detergent and fabric conditioner free from perfumes.

Many of the brands listed below offer products for Mum as well as baby. Gift sets are ideal if you are looking for value for money or a present for the new arrival.

Balm Balm - the fragrance free balm and oils are suitable for babies. I can also recommend the Chamomile floral water, a great multi purpose soothing mist for itchy skin.

Handmade Naturals - another personal recommendation, I have used many their products including the unscented baby oil. Alongside their own range they also sell Eco-friendly Baby wipes.

Konjac Sponge - I highly recommend a Konjac sponge for delicate, sensitive skin and their product line includes face and bath sponges for newborns and children.

Nom Nom Skincare - I had the pleasure of judging these products at last years Free From Skincare Awards. The Camillia & Vanilla Stretch Butter was delightful and suitable even if not pregnant. The range includes body butters and oils, balm, body wash and gift sets.

Odylique - again another favourite brand and I have tried the baby gentle wash & shampoo. The repair lotion is good for irritated skin and mild eczema.

Remember all these brands are suitable for adults as well but I do hope expectant and new Mums have found my post helpful. 

Sarah x