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YouTube - Natural, Organic and Vegan Cleaners for the Home - Bio D, Greenscents, Mangle & Wringer

Natural, Organic and Vegan cleaning products for your home
Disclaimer - In 2012 & 2014 I did review PR samples but I have since gone on to repeatedly buy products for myself. Tinyscents was provided free of charge.

I am often asked about products I use around my home. Reducing chemical cleaners has been a gradual process over the years, mainly because brands have either under performed or are difficult to obtain. If I can not find a suitable natural alternative then my top priority is switching to cruelty free. In this video I mention my favourite natural and organic brands. Visit my YouTube channel to watch the video. I mention the following products -

Mangle & Wringer - founded by Vanessa Willes in 2012 to create traditional, non-toxic cleaning remedies that would be gentle and safe, yet powerful enough to be really effective

Greenscents - research carried out in 2017 by Ethical Consumer confirmed that Greenscents was the most ethical brand available in the UK for laundry liquid, washing up liquid and multi-surface sprays

The Bio-D Company Washing Up Liquid - Bio-D founder Michael was shocked to discover that many of the ingredients in the products he used at work could also be found in everyday household cleaners. It prompted him to look for naturally-derived alternatives that would clean safely and effectively without harming people or the environment

Ecover Laundry Products - a recognisable brand readily available in supermarkets

DIY - Clove oil for mould and for general cleaning lemons, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda

Sarah x