Tried & Tested Free From Recipes #3

Sugarpuffish Tried & Tested Recipes Vegan

Spring Green Rosti  - a Waitrose recipe card, simple idea of frying up grated potato with spring greens. We skipped the tomatoes but added in some left over broccoli   

Bionita Spinach Gnocchi (gluten free & vegan) - I'm cheating as this is not a recipe but I enjoyed this Gnocchi combined with a stir in pasta sauce and broccoli

5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup energy bites -  Delicious snack to keep in the fridge for when your sweet tooth gets a craving. I substituted peanut butter for Meridian almond butter.

Egg Free Meringues - When I found this recipe I was skeptical, how could chickpea water make meringues but the end result have been simply amazing. Combined with sliced peaches and Alpro soya cream and I have been living the dream!


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