Happy Blog Birthday Celebrating Four Years of Sugarpuffish

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When I first hit the publish button four years ago I was completely clueless about blogging and to be fair I am still learning the ropes. People always ask why I started my blog and the honest answer is I was looking for a creative outlet and had spare time on my hands. I barely did any research but for that brief moment of looking I could not find anyone recommending products for sensitive skin, eczema and allergies and there did not appear to be any “Green” Bloggers. 

I started writing for myself and I rarely thought about who might be reading because it scared me a little. As my readership grew I took confidence from them. Writing does not always come naturally and I often battle my own frustrations when I cannot find the right words. My blog has given me the opportunity to express myself but there are times when it becomes a burden on my shoulders. The desire to be honest has ended in a battle of words with Brands and Bloggers alike. I have cried and I have wanted to quit on more than one occasion.

To begin with the blogging world was a little alienating but there was interest in what I had to offer and slowly I started to make friends. I no longer feel like the odd one out for trying to convince people to ditch shopping on the high street. In the past four years, I have seen my niche Green Community grow considerably and finally I found bloggers who just understand me and my desire to have a “cleaner & greener” beauty regime. 

My blog gives me a sense of achievement on an otherwise dull and dreary day. I may cringe at the early posts but I'm incredibly proud of how Sugarpuffish looks in 2015. Who knows what the future will hold but thank you for joining me on this journey, for supporting me when things got difficult and for motivating me to continue.

Sarah x


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