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Free From Food Awards 2015 - Winners #FFFA15

Free From Food Awards 2015 - Winners #FFFA15

The Winners & Runners Up have been announced for the Free From Food Awards 2015 and I was pleased to see some of my favourite brands on the lists. 

I'm a huge supporter of Amy's Kitchen UK as they offer me safe ready meal options, being a non meat eater with allergies can be a little tricky but their Vegan options are perfect.

Many of the brands I enjoy eating were on commended lists - Jollyum, Pudology, Moo Free Chocolates, Booja-Booja, Ten Acre, Nakd Wholefoods, Clive's Pies

The awards are also a great way to find new products and I will now be on the look out for Karkli, Coconut Merchant (Coconut Chips & Coconut Jam!), Doisy & Dam, The Primal Pantry

To view all the winners visit freefromfoodawards.co.uk