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Free From Food Awards 2015 - Winners #FFFA15

Free From Food Awards 2015 - Winners #FFFA15

The Winners & Runners Up have been announced for the Free From Food Awards 2015 and I was pleased to see some of my favourite brands on the lists. 

I'm a huge supporter of Amy's Kitchen UK as they offer me safe ready meal options, being a non meat eater with allergies can be a little tricky but their Vegan options are perfect.

Many of the brands I enjoy eating were on commended lists - Jollyum, Pudology, Moo Free Chocolates, Booja-Booja, Ten Acre, Nakd Wholefoods, Clive's Pies

The awards are also a great way to find new products and I will now be on the look out for Karkli, Coconut Merchant (Coconut Chips & Coconut Jam!), Doisy & Dam, The Primal Pantry

To view all the winners visit freefromfoodawards.co.uk


  1. Amy's Kitchen, Clive's Pies and Moo Free are just brilliant! I'll be tracking down the others that you mentioned. I've got a post up on my blog of my latest veggie free from foods.

  2. I haven't tried a lot of these - I'm fairly unadventurous and stick with Linda McCartney and Quorn... I have tried the Primal Pantry though as they were in a Vegan Kind box a short while ago. Pleasantly surprised by them - very tasty. xx

    1. Quorn is off limits for be because they contain egg & milk, McCartney is ok but again limited on the Vegan options, you should seek out some Amy's Kitchen :D