Gorgeously Green Gathering: Meet The Brands - The Rose Tree

Gorgeously Green Gathering: Meet The Brands, Olga of The Rose Tree
As part of the build up for the Gorgeously Green Gathering, we want to help you get to know the people behind the brands involved in our event. Rachel has introduced us to Kim of Botanical Brands and now I present our second sponsor and speaker Olga, Founder of The Rose Tree. I am already a fan of their skincare having previously tried their best selling products so I am excited to have The Rose Tree participate in our day. I asked Olga to answer a few questions and I hope this will give you an insight into the brand.

What does 'naturally beautiful' mean to you? 
Healthy, radiant skin that leaves you free to tell your story, to face outwards into the world looking your best, with power and confidence. And also knowing that the ingredients are actually good for your skin and are not having a detrimental impact on our planet. 

What has been your biggest challenge with your brand/products? 
Definitely having to find the self-belief to keep going when things get tough – because there are always bad times, especially with a new business. In our early days, we went through 2 websites in the space of 6 months (a rather stressful situation that I don’t have have any desire to repeat any time soon!) and at one point before Christmas we ended up taking delivery of one thousand bath oil bottles with one thousand lids that did not fit. (The supplier did not seem to think this was a problem!) 

Which product(s) are The Rose Tree's best sellers? 
Our most popular product is our Radiance Facial Essence with Rose & Marula, Our award winning rejuvenating and nourishing oil based essence, for radiant and super soft skin, made with ten potent flower and plant botanicals. It is my go to signature product for radiant skin each morning, the one that is super hydrating, and works on all skin types. This is the one product I recommend to everyone - and is the one product I use every day without fail! 

Our Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter is very popular, this is a super-charged, cleansing butter packed with potent botanicals will gently lift off makeup and dirt, to leave super hydrated, radiant skin. It is suitable for all skin types and customers find it brightens dull skin with the organic carrot extract while also being hydrating and antiseptic. 

Finally, we have range of best selling luxury candles. They are available with four different essential blends that I have created myself. I think what makes them so popular is that we focus on excellent quality and delivering an indulgent experience to our customers, both with the candles themselves and our exquisite packaging. Because the candles are made by hand they come with that artisanal feel with hand poured wax rather than the polished, impersonal look of a factory produced candle, and they have an incredible scent throw.

What does the future hold for The Rose Tree?
We are all about effective luxury, synergistically created, and want nothing more than to show people how beautiful and powerfully effective our luxurious organic skincare and candles can be, all the while taking a responsible attitude to our planet’s resources. 

What are you most excited about when it comes to attending Gorgeously Green Gathering? 
Meeting your bloggers – no doubt about it! Having shared snatched conversations over Twitter and via their blogs, I am hugely excited to meet the group face to face! We are a community, and I can’t wait to talk, learn and share stories!

.......end of interview.......

Thank you very much to Olga for participating in our mini interview and we look forward to meeting in September. 

Sarah x

Gorgeously Green Gathering is sponsored by Botanical Brands (distributors of Living Nature & Lippy Girl) and The Rose Tree and organised by Sarah (Sugarpuffish) Jen (Jen's Green Skincare) and Rachel (All Natural Aspirations)


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