Natural Skincare for Oily, Combination and Teen Skin

Natural Skincare for Oily, Combination and Teen Skin
There are many natural & organic skincare ranges that are targeted towards oily, combination and teenage skins. Typically, teen hormones are likely to contribute to oily/combination skin with pimples or acne. The mistake many seem to make with this skin type is to treat it harshly and expose it to ingredients which strip natural oils. If you are trying to manage oily and problem skin, my tips are -

- Avoid products with alcohol, SLS and perfumes
- Cleanse twice a day and remove every trace of makeup. 
- Skincare should not make your skin sting or burn, if it does this is likely to be a sign of irritation. 
- Don’t fall for the marketing hype. You have to be in it for the long haul and maintain your routine, miracles do not happen overnight.

Digging into the archives I did write a post in 2011 in which I mentioned four free from brands aimed at teens - Amie Skincare, Young & Pure, Oy! and Good Things. These brands are still available but let me point you in the direction of some new suggestions.  Whilst my focus today has been teenagers, don't shy away from this list of brands if you are older with problematic skin, there are some suggestions for you as well.

Conscious Skincare - the Neutralize range caters for oil/problem skin as I have experience of testing the Gentle line I am more than happy to recommend this brand.

Lulu & Boo - I have always been a fan of this brand and they have four products in their problem skin/teenage category.

Living Nature’s Natural Being - When I started my “green journey” I was using products from this range and enjoyed them. Manuka honey and manuka oil have healing properties which makes them ideal ingredients for problem skin. 

Odylique - you all know I love this brand so they have to get a mention. The lemon & tea tree purifying wash and Spot On serum are suitable for teens or those with combination, oily or spot-prone skin.

Salcura - I have used and recommend their Derma Spray for Eczema but the Antiac range is targeted to “overcome a flare-ups or persistent moderate/severe acne”

Problem skin is the opposite of my own but I do get readers looking for recommendations so I hope this list has been helpful.