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Review: Moral Fibre - handmade bites 100% natural, gluten & dairy free

Review Moral Fibre handmade bites 100% natural, gluten & dairy free

Moral Fibre have already got a couple of mentions on the blog as I bought some of their snacks at the Allergy & Free From Show. I had spotted them a while back in a local store but the flavours I wanted to try were out of stock. I was excited to sample at the show and I’ve actually bought more since my visit.

I had a chuckle to myself when I saw where Moral Fibre is based. Tring is a place I visited many times as a child for some reason a Museum of stuffed dead animals was the highlight of any summer holiday trip where I grew up, but I digress. 

I came to realise through their website that not only are these snacks healthy but the packaging is eco-friendly. I think it’s wonderful when company’s use water based inks, biodegradable materials and consider their overall impact on the environment.

Review Moral Fibre handmade bites 100% natural, gluten & dairy free

These little pots of yumminess are gluten and dairy free. They are made from raw plant-based ingredients and come in a variety of flavours. I am completely hooked on the Banananut Bites and Raspberry Cocolossal Balls but if that doesn’t tempt your taste buds how about Figberry Balls, Courgette Crunch, Chilli Crunch, Banana Berry Bites, Exotic Seedy Fruity Bites & Choco Banananut Bites.

Go visit the website moralfibrefood.com as you can order online or check out if you have local stockist.

Sarah x


  1. I somehow ended up with one of their cards after the show but don't remember if I tried any of their actual products! I do love the name and will check out if they sell anywhere in the US. Are they particularly sweet? It's a pet peeve of mind that most raw products are super sweet for my palate.

    1. always a difficult one for me to answer as I have a sweet tooth but I think they are the right balance, there are 2 savoury options, the courgette crunch is delicious :D

  2. I'll keep a look out for these, they look wonderful! I have dairy and wheat intolerance's so these would be perfect!