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Gorgeously Green Gathering: Myroo Hero Products

Gorgeously Green Gathering Myroo Hero Product Best Sellers
As part of the continued promotion of Gorgeously Green Gathering, I’m following up my interview with Myroo to focus one one of their “Hero Products”

“My Geranium Hand Treat has been with me since the start and was always my best seller......My Starflower and Orange Blossom Facial Boost Serum is threatening to steal the crown of best-seller. Of all my products it’s the one I use the most, it leaves my skin so soft and nourished. It won a ‘Special Mention’ award in the Beauty Shortlist awards and customers love it too.”

The Starflower and Orange Blossom Facial Boost Serum is packed full of fantastic ingredients like rosehip, starflower (borage), raspberry seed and Kukui, making it an all-rounder for various skin types. It is light and easily absorbed with a distinctive scent of neroli. What I like most about Myroo is the simplicity, these are ingredients which compliment each other but do not overload the skin by fighting for attention. I often become bored of heavy weight products which do me no favours when battling sensitive skin flare ups.

I know Jen, Rachel and I are looking forward to learning more about Myroo. I have only dipped my toes in the water so to speak. I’m interested to discover more about the Geranium Hand Treat which is the original best seller from Myroo. I hope everyone who attends Gorgeously Green Gathering will take this smaller brand under their wing and discover their own hero products from the range. Carrie of What I Love Today has reviewed Myroo's Starflower & Orange Blossom Cleanser so make sure you hop across to her blog and read her thoughts on this product.

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Sarah x

Gorgeously Green Gathering is sponsored by Botanical Brands (distributors of Living Nature & Lippy Girl) and The Rose Tree and organised by Sarah (Sugarpuffish) Jen (Jen's Green Skincare) and Rachel (All Natural Aspirations)