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Sugarpuffish July 2015 Favourites
Vegan Nachos at Camden Markets, Lyonsleaf Soaps, Cookies & Scream Cookie Dough Milkshake, Birthday Bouquet 
Daily life often gets in the way of blogging. Anyone who has a full time job and manages a blog alongside will know that at times you simply don't have enough hours in the day for it all. I have been longing to get in front of the camera and make more of an effort with my YouTube channel but I just haven't had a free weekend. I'll admit I am throwing this blog post together in a lunch break but I wanted to have a catch up of sorts. It's a mash up of Favourites, News and Reviews for July.

Favourites for July 
I was sad to see the end of my Green Keratin Cleanser and I had been pairing it with PHB Ethical Beauty Gentle Moisturiser. I have also been enjoying using the Mr Sandman nail polish from One Ondine* and the Jane Iredale Lip & Cheek stain which I received in a Naturisimo* box back in May. There were a couple of free from food favourites this month. Aside from Cookies & Scream, the Allergy Show introduced me to Ananda's Round Up! and Moral Fibre snacks. My Birthday falls in July and if you follow me on social media this will be old news but I am now engaged. My boyfriend proposed on my Birthday and it was a complete surprise. I'm still getting over the shock. On the whole, I won't be blogging about our Wedding plans but there might be the occasional review of related items such as my mad panic to find a wedding cake I can eat (it will need to be dairy, egg and gluten free!). Aside from the new ring, I did spend my Birthday up in London, with a return visit to Camden Markets where Cookies & Scream are based and we popped into Whole Foods Kensington.

A quick mention to Lyonsleaf who sent me some of their Vegan soaps - *Calendula and Rosemary & Citrus. Vicky told me that she doesn't sell as many of the Rosemary & Citrus which I think is a real shame because I have enjoyed using it. When you next consider buying solid soaps keep Lyonsleaf in mind. They offer a variety of fragrances and they don't go soggy in the soap dish or dry out your skin.

That folks sums up my July.

Sarah x

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