Nail Polish - Little Ondine Cherry Blossoms and Pink Ribbon Foundation

Little Ondine Cherry Blossoms and Pink Ribbon Foundation Breast Cancer Care
UPDATE 2022 - Little Ondine has sadly disappeared, alternative brands are Kure BazaarNail KindZao and Benecos

October is the month for "pink washing" and if you are not familiar with the term let me explain. Suddenly the shops are a sea of pink in support of Breast Cancer but the irony is what you find sold at Boots and Superdrug probably contains ingredients that might have a link to cancer. You may also notice that the donation made to the charity is small in comparison to the price you paid for a pink product. Now of course I do support Cancer charities, sadly I know people affected or who are no longer with us because of this illness BUT I would rather make a direct donation or buy from brands who promote "green" living. With that in mind, I wanted to support Little Ondine's campaign.

"Little Ondine is extremely excited to be collaborating with the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Breast Cancer Awareness Month directs significantly more attention towards the illness. This means we’re on our toes this month, spreading the word and helping to fight this awful disease. With approximately 750 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer each week, Little Ondine want to encourage women across the country to donate, support those suffering and make sure they visit the doctor for those all-important check-ups . As a natural, toxin free brand, Little Ondine are especially interested in raising awareness about this illness and encouraging as many people as possible to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation and subsequently make an impact in research, support and medical care of those suffering."

Little Ondine are donating £1.50 to the Pink Ribbon Foundation for each bottle of Cherry Blossoms sold from 1st October until the end of the year. All bottles of Cherry Blossoms sold will be delivered with a pink ribbon for customers to show their support.

Sarah x


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