Introduction: FOM London Skincare

FOM London Skincare
The constraints of having a full time job means I don't often attend PR events however last week I was on holiday and was able to visit Janna Organic to learn more about FOM London Skincare.

FOM refer to themselves as "An antioxidant based brand formulated around highly concentrated age protect phenolic compounds in the most natural botanical formulations with repairing, hydrating and soothing benefits."  This brand is certainly aimed at the mature consumer with concerns about ageing. I have to be honest, despite being the target market I don't buy anti-ageing skincare but I do appreciate a good British brand with natural ingredients so I wouldn't dismiss the range completely. Essential oils are a prominent feature to the facial and body care products so may not be ideal for those with sensitivities however a couple of products are fragrance free - cleanser and eye cream. I am currently testing the *Age Defying hand serum so I shall report back at a later date but so far it seems like a very nice product.

FOM London Skincare
With Christmas in mind any FOM product would be a nice gift but I particularly like the Botanical Mood Remedy Collection. It is a three piece aromatherapy set which contains 100% natural remedies to promote sleep, decrease stress and uplift your spirit. We had a play around with them and the scents were delightful blends, not too overwhelming but spot on for relaxing.

FOM is currently undergoing a re-brand so next year it could look a little different. Also before I forget they offer Free worldwide delivery on all orders. Let me also give a brief mention to the little treasure trove that is Janna Organic. If you are in London and love natural and organic brands do pay them a visit. 

Have you heard of FOM London Skincare?

Sarah x

Disclaimer - *PR sample


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