Review - Natorigin Lengthening Mascara and Avril Beauté Certifié Bio Mascara

Natorigin Lengthening Macara review organic ecocert
I’ve been researching mascaras and in my efforts to find something suitable for my wedding day I just remember why I gave up wearing it in my teens. I have sensitive eyes which are prone to eczema and often watery and this just all ends up giving me that very unattractive panda eye look.

I have been trialling two mascaras, Natorigin Lengthening and Avril Beauté Certifié Bio both of which have pros and cons. 

Natorigin* is award winning so I had high hopes. I like the look it gives my lashes. I would describe it as a natural looking lift without feeling over done. The downside is it a very wet formula and smudges like crazy so if I forget I’m wearing it and rub my eyes it’s a disaster of panda proportions. 

Avril Beauté Certifié Bio Mascara organic review

The Avril mascara is a budget friendly £5.95 and it gives an impressive lift to my lashes. The problem I have is the look is what I refer to as “spider legs”. My lashes are naturally long but I notice I have lost thickness over the years. When using Avril I can’t seem to get the separation on lashes that I desire and they clump together which emphasizes the sparseness. 

Both brands are certified organic by Ecocert but contain beeswax which sadly doesn’t make them suitable for Vegans.

Review Natorigin Lengthening Macara Avril Beauté Certifié Bio Mascara

Maybe I’m too fussy but these mascaras haven’t won me over completely. They certainly are not awful products simply not meeting my needs or expectations. I came to realise quickly that I would be better off with a waterproof product but in the natural beauty world there seem to be very few brands offering the option.

Have you tried these mascaras? What did you think? 

Sarah x

Disclaimer - *PR sample