16 natural and organic facial moisturisers

Chosen by Sugarpuffish 16 natural and organic facial moisturisers face cream
It would appear that I haven't reviewed as many facial creams as I first thought. I was surprised because I use a cream every day but then I realised the reason for this is I stick to the same ones. 

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream is a staple in my collection and the product I buy most often, closely followed by Antipodes Rejoice Facial Day Cream

If you have eczema then it is worth checking out Kris D'AmourB Skincare Aloe Vera Moisturiser,  Barefoot SOS cream, PHB Gentle Moisturiser and Green People Scent Free

For those that like multi purpose products not only is Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm a moisturiser it also doubles as a cleanser.  I cheated with the Herbfarmacy Pure Hydration Serum but I found this product can be used alone or under another cream. 

Other reviews which you may like to browse are Dash Sensitive Skin Moisturiser, Nourish, Trevarno, Elizabeth's Daughter, Cupcake Organic, Lavera, Balance Me and Odylique.

I would certainly like to try expand my knowledge of face creams so if you have a recommendations leave a comment below.

Sarah x


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