Review: Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm

Review Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm 100% Organic
"A lush facial balm with Marshmallow and Mullein (this infused oil has a natural anti-wrinkle effect) that softens and deeply moisturises the skin leaving it smooth and protected"
Herbfarmacy have many mentions on my blog but few in depth reviews. I have tried a couple of products from their range over the years but I've had hits and misses. I will say that the Pure Hydration Serum was a delightful product which took me by surprise and the Mallow Beauty Balm has done the same.

Mallow Beauty Balm is made from organic ingredients (to name a few - Sunflower seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Shea Butter, Marshmallow, Calendula) but it isn't suitable for Vegans (contains beeswax!). The scent is gentle, not overbearing and for me Ylang Ylang is the dominant note.

This Mallow Beauty balm is silky soft and melts quickly on contact with skin. It's marketed as a face balm and when used sparingly works perfectly well and surprisingly not heavy or greasy, however, I have been using this balm from top to toe, wherever I have problem areas. It is perfect for sore noses or dry patches that just need a bit of TLC and that includes my feet. I will mention Herbfarmacy do have their Skin Rescue Balm which is intended for sensitive and problem skins such as eczema so I'm breaking rules with the Mallow Beauty Balm. I love balms because they can be multi purpose, use them how you wish just make sure to choose ingredients which suit your skin and work with it. It takes me months to get through a jar so I'd rather not have several open at once.

This balm is a good product to have in your collection and I highly recommend. Have you tried Mallow Beauty Balm or any other Herbfarmacy products? What would you recommend?

Sarah x

Disclaimer - I own a jar of this balm and also received another in an event goody bag