Benecos Eyeshadow Base and Neve Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base & Mixing Medium

Disappointing Products Benecos Eyeshadow Base and Neve Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base & Mixing Medium
Despite having skin like the Sahara Desert my eyelids are an oil slick. I haven't worn eye shadow since the 1980s but you'll know from past blog posts that I'm looking to wear a little makeup on my wedding day. After playing around with mineral powders I soon realised I need some sort of primer as my shadows disappear quickly into the crease.

Benecos Eyeshadow Base
Firstly, this product appealed to me because it is a budget friendly £5.95 however it does nothing for me. This primer is too runny and it's either disappearing into my skin or simply not coating it enough to leave behind a base for shadows. The only positive I have is the packaging is similar to concealers so the doe foot applicator makes it easy to use.

Neve Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base & Mixing Medium
Slightly more expensive than Benecos but still a reasonable £6.95. This Neve base is a runny clear liquid which again does nothing for me. If you apply shadows whilst product is wet on the lid I found application rather tricky and mineral powders looked patchy. Wait until it's dry and it just doesn't provide any stickiness to grip the shadows. I find the product "sets" too quickly when used as a mixing agent and doesn't turn my shadows into a usable cream.

It is always disappointing when you have high hopes for a product but it fails to deliver. Unfortunately, that's the joy of being a consumer, not every product is an instant hit.

Sarah x


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