Review Estelle & Thild Cleansing Milk Fragrance Free and Body Scrub Violet

Review Estelle & Thild Cleansing Milk Fragrance Free and Body Scrub Violet
I’ve had my eye on Estelle & Thild for a long time so when I spotted products in TK Maxx I snapped them up. I scored the fragrance free cleansing milk and body scrub for £6.99 each, bargain! If you are not familiar with Estelle & Thild it’s a Swedish brand, products are organic (EcoCert) and free from ingredients such as PEGs, parabens, sulphates etc.

Cleansing Milk Fragrance Free Sensitive
Typically I shy away from cleansing milks as I like a thicker formulation but this one took me by surprise. It’s nice and creamy when massaged on skin and not at all milky to me. I’m enjoying using this product. I’m very keen on fragrance free at the moment because of my dermatitis and sensitivity to linalool so this one ticks that box. I simply remove with a damp muslin cloth and I’m left with happy, soft skin. 

Body Scrub Violet
Again another product I don’t regularly use because I find scrubs a painful experience and my sensitive skin often kicks up a fuss. However, this Estelle & Thild scrub is fantastic. It’s similar to what you might expect for a facial exfoliator with a cream base and small non scratchy scrubby bits (micro- crystals according to packaging). I honestly feel like I have found my true love with this body scrub. It doesn’t leave my skin red raw, I’m not gritting my teeth in pain and I’m left with beautifully soft skin. Also worth noting as it’s a cream based formula it rinses off easily and there is no greasy residue. 

Now here’s the sad news, whilst researching for this review I can see the cleanser has been reformulated and the body scrub is available in different scents plus packaged in jars. So whilst you might not be able to get these exact products, I’m hoping that my review can still give you confidence to try Estelle & Thild. I’m definitely going to explore more of the range in the future. In the UK you can purchase Estelle & Thild at 

Have you tried Estelle & Thild? Do you have a favourite product?

Sarah x


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