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Review: Heavenly Organics Skincare - Unscented Body Butter and Hand Balm

Review Heavenly Organics Skincare Unscented Body Butter and Hand Balm
Heavenly Organics* is owned and run by Mary-Anne, who is a vegan living an organic lifestyle. This range of handmade products has you covered from head to toe with unscented and scented options. 

I have known Heavenly Organics for quite some time having reviewed the solid hand lotion back in 2012. My opinions of this unique product haven’t changed. The tin is travel friendly, no worries about leaks and the size is convenient for handbags or airport security. Despite the hand lotion being solid it is easy to use, I either swipe it over my hands or massage between my palms. The shea and cocoa butters easily melt with the warmth of your skin.

If you enjoy using body butters then you’ll like Heavenly Organics, with its simple yet effective ingredients. I don’t think you can beat shea butter in winter, yes it can be a little heavy and sticky but give it some time and your skin will feel wonderful. For me, body butters work best after an evening shower and then hop into some comfy pyjamas. Let the ingredients work their magic whilst you are sleeping and if like me you are eczema prone and battling extreme dryness this should sort you out.

If you like affordable skincare with natural ingredients, then Heavenly Organics is perfect for you. 

Sarah x

Disclaimer - *PR samples, Heavenly Organics products are not certified organic but they use organic ingredients.


  1. I also tried solid hand lotion from Heavenly Organics quite a while a go and like you say, it's quite handy for the handbag and travelling. Apart from that I tried some other products from the brand and one of my favourites must be their lip balm. I am not sure about body butter though, I like to use body lotions for moisturizing my body. I think it's more for very dry skin?

    1. it's personal preference at the end of the day I know it doesn't suit everyone but as I suggested in my opinion (and from personal experience) ideal for those eczema prone or extreme dryness :D

  2. I've never heard of Heavenly Organics, so naturally jumped straight on google & they look lovely. I think I would be hesitant to try a solid hand lotion - it just sounds like a slightly odd concept, but reading what you've said makes me think that's probably just me being suspicious of change! :P x

    1. It's worth a try, a little strange at first but I really do like using it and love the fact I can't spill it every where :D