Review: Skincere - Free From Wheat, Soya, Dairy, Nuts and Synthetic Fragrance

Review Skincere Free From Wheat Soya Dairy Nuts Synthetic Fragrance
When Skincere asked if I would consider reviewing their products curiosity got the better of me so I accepted. I like seeing affordable "green" beauty on the high street and this range is currently stocked at Holland & Barrett which makes it accessible for many people. I also receive reader questions asking for recommendations for skincare products that do not contain some of the top 14 food allergens and Skincere products are free from wheat, dairy, nut oils and soya.

Products are labelled with a precautionary message that states they are made in a factory that handles these food allergens. I am not sure if this warning is relevant to skincare in the same way it would be for food labels. It made me wonder if cross contamination via skin carries the same risks for those with anaphylaxis? This isn't something I know the answer to but as a consumer with an allergy to milk I was left contemplating whether I should be concerned. 

Skincere's range includes cleanser, day cream, night cream, eye serum and facial serum. Products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Prices start from £14.99 up to £24.99 although at the time of writing there are reduced prices on the website. I've been trialing the range since mid January and all the products perform as expected. I have no complaints but I will say I have other products which I favour over these and that's mainly because of formulation.

My first reaction to the bold claim of 100% natural was one of skepticism. I'll admit it took me a while to acknowledge the tiny asterisk and disclaimer "ingredients naturally derived" on the reverse of the bottle. I had been discussing products with Tamara of Rainbow Feet who reminded me that no rules have been broken here because sadly there is no clear definition of what "natural" means for skincare labels. I suspect any Green Bloggers with purist ideals might not accept this brand as 100% natural.

I personally think that the claim to be Preservative free is nonsense. Any product which contains water needs to be preserved to inhibit mould growth. Sodium Levulinate is used as a preservative and it is present in the range. Prior to writing this review I gave my viewpoint to Skincere who responded as follows:

"Some of the emollients within the formulations have a natural preserving action but they haven't been included in the formula for that reason, hence why we claim preservative free. However, we will consider changing the claim to 'free of artificial preservatives' to make it clearer to customers."

As someone with allergies, I certainly would like to support Skincere in their efforts to cater to consumers like myself. We all have different standards when it comes to ingredients and whilst I’m not enthusiastic it doesn’t mean I am going to discourage anyone trying these products. If you like a simple, non complicated routine then Skincere can certainly cater to your needs. It is also nice to see another option for vegans. The range is fragrance free which is great for those who experience sensitivity to essential oils.

Have you tried Skincere? Do you have a favourite product? How do you feel about their Free From labelling?

Sarah x

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