Vegan and Gluten free Afternoon Tea at Great Fosters, Egham, Surrey

Vegan and Gluten free Afternoon Tea at Great Fosters, Egham
I decided to gather a few friends and have a little pre-wedding celebration and we had Afternoon Tea at Great Fosters in Egham. When selecting where to visit it was our dietary requirements that lead the way. My group included of course me with allergies along with two coeliacs. With my dietary needs I often find it easier to request Vegan food so that’s what I booked. I found a number of places who were willing to cater for us and Great Fosters won simply because they had availability on the day we had chosen.
Vegan and Gluten free Afternoon Tea at Great Fosters, Egham
(Pictured above the Vegan options and below Gluten Free) 

As you can tell from the photos the food was great. My sister and friend who are coeliacs enjoyed their sandwiches and cakes as did I with my Vegan options. I had some lovely sandwiches, with interesting fillings and different flavoured breads. My cake selection consisted of two chocolate, one sponge cake, scones and a little fruit compote which I wash down with fruit tea.

We did have a little hiccup with slow service and then we were informed staff had dropped our cakes so a new batch had to be made. When the cakes did arrive sadly one of my scones was burnt so I wasn't able to eat it. I also felt that the second round of sandwiches came out too quick as we were nowhere near done with the first plate. I sent mine away and then regretted it as I missed out, I had expected to be offered more when I was finished. The Staff were apologetic, we were given complimentary champagne and they waived service charge. I know afternoon tea is supposed to be a relax experience but on trying to leave we did struggle finding staff to produce a bill and then to take payment. 
Vegan and Gluten free Afternoon Tea at Great Fosters, Egham
Great Fosters is a lovely historic location and it was a pleasant experience despite the hiccups. You do need to book your table in advance along with any dietary requirements. We paid £25.50 each which I found to be an average price for the area.

Sarah x


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