Bridal Beauty Pre-Wedding Skincare

Bridal Beauty Pre-Wedding Skincare

April is wedding month and in preparation I have been giving my skin extra attention. I am very good at facial routines but I’ll admit I am lazy when it comes to my body. In the run up to the Wedding, my main priority is keeping things simple and trying to avoid eczema/dermatitis breakouts. I made a conscious decision not to try too many new products and at the beginning of March every Sunday is home spa day. I thought I would share with you some added extras which have become part of my new weekend routine.

Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Plankton Skin Remedy
I am not a regular user of masks, I am a little lazy but they can trigger my Urticaria, however, the Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Plankton Skin Remedy is safe for me to use. This product can be used as a cleanser or 10 minute mask and promises to “Restore brightness, increase elasticity and firmness. plump skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gently exfoliate, rebalance moisture levels.” I will wear it whilst having a shower because I don't like masks to dry out completely and the steam will keep it slightly moist.

I shy away from scrubs because of my sensitive skin but this Estelle & Thild is lovely. It gives enough scrubby action without leaving me red raw. I am still careful and limit how often I use it but in the final weeks this is now part of my Sunday routine.

I am taking care to moisturise my body from top to toe after scrubbing. I'm using a combination of this Nathalie Bond body oil and Deep Steep Snowflake Body lotion (not pictured). I'm generally lazy with body products so I've promised myself to do this at least once a week.

I’m taking care of my hands because I want to show off my ring without feeling embarrassed about flaky skin. My hands take a beating in the winter months and I get very frustrated how dry they become. This Rather Lovely hand cream is unscented which eliminates irritation from essential oils. It feels nice and nourishing but without being heavy or sticky.

I ran out of weeks to squeeze in more haircuts so I have to go a little longer between cuts and colouring. In preparation for this I’m applying a hair mask every Sunday and using this one from Lulu & Boo. This is a good product which works well for me and helps combat dryness.

Lip Balms – Cray Rumors & Myroo
These are just a couple of the lip balms I currently have in my collection. The main reason for mentioning is again I’m putting in effort to have the perfect kissable lips! I want my lipstick to feel comfortable to wear and it helps to have skin in tip top condition. 

Sarah x

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