Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Repairing Oil Complex, Age Control Serum, Lifting Eye Serum

Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Repairing Oil Complex, Age Control Serum, Lifting Eye Serum
You may remember I had been using some Estelle & Thild products and was keen to explore more from the range. I accepted an opportunity to trial products from the *Super Bioactive Advance Anti-Age range. I have been using the Repairing Oil Complex, Age Control Serum and Lifting Eye Serum. In case you are wondering I am forty this year so consider myself the target audience for these products. I will say I am not a fan of the term anti-ageing and believe we should embrace growing old but I accept that not everyone feels the same as me. I read an article on that suggested "age management" was a better term.

The Super Bioactive products are about "turning back the clock" and repairing the signs of ageing. The champion ingredient is the Marine Microalgae which is an antioxidant. The range is formulated "to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and delay the signs of ageing linked to UV exposure and cellular degeneration". Now this all sounds rather fancy and ultimately you have to take their word for it as I can't vouch for disappearing wrinkles! What I will say is these are beautiful products which feel fantastic on my skin. At first I was quite surprised how lightweight they are yet they do offer richness with hydration because I have no signs of dryness. 

It is suggested that the products are used together but I'm always one to ignore this type of instruction however I have enjoyed using the serum under the oil. They do both work equally well as standalone products. My skin drinks up the serum and oil very quickly and I will say I'm left with a baby soft, smooth complexion. I am lazy with eye creams and generally skip them but in the interest of fair reviews I have been pretty religious with application. The Lifting Eye Serum is certainly lightweight and a pleasure to use. It is intended to tighten, brighten and keep you looking youthful. I will say that my complexion looks brighter after application.

The Super Bioactive age control serum and repairing oil complex are highly fragranced and I would say it's an artificial apricot scent (I don't find it as strong with the eye serum). The ingredients list "parfum" and this is something I am often cautious about. Since there are no essential oil allergens listed I can't say what the source is. Now it might surprise you that I agreed to review but keep in mind that as I have a sensitivity to linalool I was sat on the fence in this situation. On the one hand I might react to parfum but at the same time I don't have to worry about my sensitivity to the essential oil allergens.

Estelle & Thild products are available at Naturisimo. The Super Bioactive range is fairly expensive with prices ranging from £39 - £59 but for Anti-Ageing this is comparable to similar products on the high street. 

Have you tried any Estelle & Thild products? Are you concerned about ageing?

Sarah x 

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