Review Petits Rituels Provence Candle

Review Petits Rituels Provence Candle Natural Wax Essential Oil

If you read my review of Petits Rituels Minty Bonbon you will already know that I think these luxurious candles are a superb investment and awesome gift. Petits Rituels natural aromatherapy candles and melts are handcrafted in England with 100% natural waxes and Certified Organic essential oils.

If you haven't already switched to 100% natural wax and essential oil candles then I highly recommend the investment. Mainstream brands like Yankee Candles may contain what I believe to be undesirable ingredients that some argue could affect your health. If your candle leaves a black soot on the glass it can be an indication of unhealthy fumes. Whilst caution is required with essential oils, I personally find they do not trigger breathing difficulties which is often the case with artificial home fragrance. 

Provence* is the new scent for Spring - Summer 2016. The fragrance is a blend of Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang which gives the fresh, floral and Lavender adds a herbal aroma. As with all Petits Rituels' candles the scent is delightful whether you light it or simply leave in a room unlit. The aromatherapy oils offer calming and relaxing therapeutic benefits, with a soothing effect on the nerves helping sleeplessness and relieving anxiety.

Please do visit Petits Rituels website and have a browse because I honestly think these candles are a worth while investment especially if you are someone who enjoys regularly burning scents in your home.

Sarah x