Interview: Miss Organics - Organic Skincare Hand Blended in London


It's always exciting to discover new brands and Anna of Miss Organics connected with me on twitter. We decided an interview piece would be a great way to introduce her brand and products to readers so here we are.......

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start your own company, Miss Organics
My love for beauty products must have started at the age of 7 when I used to pick roses from my grandmother’s garden to make my own improvised perfume. She had these magnificent rose climbers, which the residents in her town would come to see. I distinctly remember experimenting with the fermentation period on one occasion, leaving a rather pungent aroma in her guest bedroom (my current creations are much more successful however!). I was brought up by very health-conscious parents and became vegetarian at the age of 18 (transitioning to vegan a few years after). Upon discovering the dangers of using mainstream cosmetics later on I decided to create my own after failing to find products that answered all of my needs and ideals. A few years of training, testing and working in the beauty industry followed before Miss Organics launched in May 2016.

Why is natural and organic skincare important to you?
I see natural skin care as the only way to make sure what I put on my skin is safe and effective. I believe that throughout the ages we (our genes) have experienced a wide array of the botanical extracts found in nature and as a result they are recognised by our bodies and easily absorbed, thus making them super effective as well as safe. My commitment to using organic ingredients goes even further, sourcing pesticide-free, pure ingredients not only for the benefits to our bodies but also for protecting the environment.
Interview: Miss Organics - Organic Skincare Hand Blended in London
You formulate with organic ingredients where possible, can you confirm which certification your suppliers have? Will you be working towards certifying your products?
My current suppliers hold the British Organic Farmers & Growers Certification. When formulating my aim is to achieve ‘100% organic’ status but if I need a certain ingredient and it is not possible to source organic, I would use an alternative (always 100% natural however) in an effort not to compromise on product effectiveness. Currently there are only 3 non-organic ingredients in the whole range, one of which is a vitamin and the other two are plant waxes, which I’ve yet to find in organic form but I hope they will be available soon. I do intend to get organic certification in the near future.

What do you find most challenging when formulating products?
Making sure they smell great! For me personally the scent of a product is crucial and I wouldn’t sell anything that I didn’t like the smell of. As I have ‘limited’ the range to organic products I can’t freely use any natural essential oil but it’s a challenge I like rising up to and it’s very much worth it!

Do you have a favourite ingredient and why do you love it?
I love adding natural vitamin E to my products because it is a simple yet super powerful antioxidant helping fight free radicals, protecting skin from environmental pollution and UV radiation (although not classed as sunscreen), it is an excellent moisturiser, has powerful anti-inflammatory action and excellent healing properties. If this isn’t enough it also prolongs the shelf life of plant oils hence it is the perfect multi-tasker!
Interview: Miss Organics - Organic Skincare Hand Blended in London
What does the future hold for Miss Organics?
It is exciting to see the Miss Organics range on store shelves and I will be working on growing retail partnerships so customers can try and see in person how amazing the products are. There are also a few exciting new products I have been working on and I can’t wait to launch them.

Do you have any skincare tips to share with readers?
At the moment I love the combination of using rose water as a facial toner followed by applying a face oil instead of a cream. The rose water works so well to remove leftover make-up or dirt and at the same time hydrate and refresh the skin, and the face oil locks in the moisture perfectly. And floral waters smell so gorgeously that this is my favourite daily beauty ritual. Another simple and powerful tip is to go to the sauna – it works wonders for me returning the glow to my skin even after a very long day. I make sure to drink lots of water and nourish my skin, applying face and body oil immediately after.

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