August Empties featuring Gerlinde Natural, Mallow & White and Angela Langford

August Empties featuring Gerlinde Natural, Mallow & White and Angela Langford
Disclaimer - *PR Samples

I'm struggling to find the time to sit down and film so I've resorted to a blog post for my recent empties. It's a little collection of bits and bobs that have accumulated over the months as I don't film/write these on a regular basis.

Gerlinde Naturals Manuka Floral Water - an effective toner which I love because I'm a huge fan of Manuka essential oil. I use this as part of my cleansing routine and manuka has great healing properties so I will often spritz elsewhere on my body if I am experiencing problem skin.

Mallow + White Soothe Cleansing Oil and Facial Oil* - I'm loving the new cleansing oil, the cucumber gives a refreshing scent and feels lovely on my skin. Mallow & White have been so generous in providing me a facial oil without lavender and I adore using this product. I've just started another bottle and use it morning and evenings.

Kate Logan Beauty Manuka Tonic - this has a few extra ingredients compared to Gerlinde Naturals. Whilst I enjoyed using it I would hesitate to buy again because I have a few concerns about the brand.

Vedani Botanicals Organic Skincare* - a bespoke facial oil which I enjoyed using, Vedani products are luxurious and carefully formulate with wonderful ingredients.

Petit Pai Body Wash - this is a mini size from the trial set I purchase, great product which I liked but wouldn't buy again as my Desert Essence body wash is better value for money.

Angela Langford Repair & Renew Facial Oil* - a lovely product which sadly I was unable to tolerate on my face (due to linalool) but I didn't waste it and used it up on my legs (which are less sensitive to my face for some weird reason!).

Sarah x