Blogger Event Overview - Gorgeously Green 2016 with speakers Beeutiful, Evolve, Mallow + White and Terre Verdi

Event Overview Gorgeously Green 2016 Speakers
When I got into bed Sunday night I was buzzing with excitement and struggling to wind down. Jen (Jen's Green Skincare) and I can now finally relax after organising another successful Gorgeously Green event. Yes I totally just bragged there and I'm not apologising because it's bloody hard work considering we organised this one around a wedding, pregnancy and our full time jobs.

Our Speaker brands Beeutiful, Evolve, Mallow + White, Terre Verdi did an amazing job overcoming nerves and giving insightful presentations about themselves and the products they create. I find it most inspiring how they all quit successful careers to pursue their passions. It certainly does make me think whilst I sit here at my desk bored at the daily grind of my job.

It's the wider picture that these green brands focus on. They care about customers, the environment and giving back to communities. "Green" isn't just about ingredients we avoid, it is also about caring for the planet, for example, Mallow & White using popcorn in their packaging and Beeutiful tins can be recycled in household rubbish collections. Laura of Evolve is also the founder of S5 Skincare which I didn't know much about before the event. Both brands contain super food ingredients ethically source from around the world. I enjoyed Alessandra's (Terre Verdi) story of her childhood in Sicily. On a personal level it brought back childhood memories of my Grandad's allotment picking peas (10 for me and none for the pot!) and also my Grandma's stories of growing up on a farm. It's this connection which you can't get from mainstream stores, this isn't something offered in Boots and Superdrug!
Event Overview Gorgeously Green 2016 Speakers Brands Products
It's also brilliant to get hands on with products. Mallow + White had us identifying different oils, with Terre Verdi we labelled and bottled our own cleansing oil and Evolve products were passed around the room whilst we were informed about the formulations. Thanks to a question raised by Sasha, we learnt that the "parfum" in Evolve's products is part of their preservative system. It's all to do with the categorization for INCI purposes and something I need to research further.

Since it is Organic Beauty Week I should mention that Terre Verdi are organic certified by Soil Association/COSMOS. At this time Mallow + White and Evolve are not certified but do use organic ingredients in their formulations. With Beeutiful it's very difficult to achieve certification because you can't follow bees around and check up on where they are collecting pollen. You might also be interested to hear that our event SPONSOR Totally Organic is a stockist of certified organic beauty products.

Event Overview Gorgeously Green 2016 Gift Bag Samples
Jen and I agreed from the beginning that we wanted to have quality time with the brands and we feel that is achieved at Gorgeously Green events. We offer a relaxed environment and bring together people who share the same passions whether they are bloggers or not. We have an amazing supportive community (thank you all) but I also enjoy the feedback from friends who tag along. Those that don't necessarily have the same initial passions appear to leave with a new interest and awareness.

This year we decided to support Friends of the Honey Bee which is Beeutiful chosen charity. We raise £38 so many thanks to our brands for donating to our charity raffle and for everyone who bought tickets.

I'd also like to thank Natracare, Veeda and Maggie Anne for sample contributions. 

And finally, a massive thank you to Jen, she's a wonderful friend and it was a pleasure to work with her on organising this event.

Sarah x


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