Review: Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen for Sensitive Skin

review Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen for Sensitive Skin
September crept up on me so quick and my summer holiday feels like a distant memory right now. Greece was the perfect place to trial *Odylique’s new SPF30 Sun Screen. I am someone who has regularly experienced irritations and heat rash with sun creams so it was the ultimate test to use this in 30+ degree heat whilst basking on a sun lounger (in the shade of course!).

Odylique sun screen has some impressive credentials. It’s the first to be approved by the Fairtrade Foundation and organically certified. It is vegan, cruelty free (Odylique is accredited by PETA) and free from common allergens (wheat, soy, dairy, tree nut oils).

"An exceptionally pure sun cream that uses the clever natural UV protection of karanja seed oil plus skin-beneficial zinc oxide. No nanoparticles, No silicone, No artificial UV filters, preservatives, fragrance or colour. Fairtrade raw shea butter to replenish and soothe, plus powerful CO2 extracts of chamomile, rosemary and sea buckthorn to calm the skin and counteract the damaging effects of the sun with a powerpack of antioxidants." - Odylique 

Before taking this sun screen on holiday I was struggling to squeeze it from the tube. I’m not sure why that should be, if it’s the product or the packaging but it did seem a little easier in a warmer climate. This cream has a yellowish colour and didn’t create a white cast on my skin but I have a pale complexion. I was mainly using on my face and whilst the product initially feels heavy it quickly melts down to something similar to a facial oil. I have to say this leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft. After several applications throughout the day, I did feel product build up but I know that can be exasperated by heat, sweat, sand and salty air. The desire to scrub my face was overwhelming.

I took a risk trialling this sun screen before my Sister’s wedding but I whole heartily trust Odylique and knew I was in safe hands. For me, sun protection is my least favourite skincare product, I understand the importance of it but it’s the one item that repeatedly gives me the most reactions. I remember in childhood breaking out to every brand available in Boots and even when switching to natural formulations I’ve struggled. I only trust a handful of brands and yes some of those are chemical based but now I feel I can add Odylique to my list.

If you compare with Green People or Lavera you are paying more per ml but you could argue Odylique trumps them on credentials. I would consider buying this for future holidays. I’m not sure if I would use daily under makeup and I didn’t trial it for that purpose. For city breaks I normally prefer lighter sun protection and would confess I prefer another brand for that. I literally gritted my teeth as I typed that as I feel dreadfully guilty for using non-natural formulations.

Next time you are in need of sun screen I recommend you check out Odylique and trial it for yourself.

Sarah x

Disclaimer - *PR sample