Review BonPom Cacao Powder and Banana Powder

Review BonPom Cacao Powder and Banana Powder
In all honesty I hate the current trend of “clean eating” it’s such a bullshit term. The obsession with internet health gurus who practically brain wash us into thinking we are all going to die if we eat sugar and blog recipes for “healthy” doughnuts made from hamster food. Listen up people if it’s not fried, it’s not a doughnut. 

All joking aside, I think everything in moderation is a better way to be living. I love vegetables but I also want to not feel guilty about a bowl of chips. What I can appreciate from current trends is quality food which is free from my allergens. Due to limitations of what I can and cannot eat, I look for other ways to substitute my diet. Whether you buy into superfoods or not there are some interesting health products on the market many of which BonPom sell. I grew up in a continental household (I was eating Sauerkraut before it was trendy) and despite my food allergies I have always been open to trying new foods.

I am allergic to milk so I look for ways to have a safe chocolate hit and that is why cacao is appealing (not forgetting it’s healthy for us right?). “Cacao is one of the best sources of magnesium and sulphur and also one of the most antioxidant rich foods. Cacao even has the power to create ‘natural highs’ due to its content of ‘feel good’ chemicals such as anandamide, phenylethylamine and dopamine.” I love bananas so a powder version was most intriguing plus “Rich in potassium, dietary fiber, manganese, Vitamins B6 and Vitamin C”.
Review BonPom Cacao Powder and Banana Powder
I probably should have started off with some raw vegan energy balls but I went straight in for the sugar loaded cookies. I simply took my favourite recipe and threw in the banana and cacao powders. Sadly, the banana flavour didn’t come through so perhaps I need to add more next time but the cacao gave a beautiful flavour comparable to buying a very high quality cocoa (I would normally use Green & Blacks). I did channel my inner “clean eating” beauty guru and made a little frozen dessert. I blended together 1 frozen banana, 2 tablespoon cacao powder, 2 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1/3 cup non dairy milk. Totally yummy and made a nice quick and easy ice cream substitute.
Review BonPom Cacao Powder and Banana Powder
I tried adding the banana powder to non-dairy milk for a milkshake (think Nesquik) but it was a fail. I couldn’t whisk out the lumps and the powder settled on the top. I suggest making a paste first (powder and a little liquid) or add to a smoothie as a blender might help whip it together. Other suggestions for the banana powder are adding to yoghurt or cereal so I’ll have to give that a try.

So whether you’re into healthier eating or just love eating then check out BonPom as they offer a range of raw and organic health foods. You certainly can’t go wrong where chocolate is concerned and for those a little more adventurous you can stock up on goji berries, inca berries and baobab - to name a few.

Sarah x

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