Natural and Organic Haircare Routine 2016 featuring Odylique, Giovanni, Desert Essence, Naturtint

Natural and Organic Haircare Routine 2016 featuring Odylique, Giovanni, Desert Essence, Naturtint
I’m pretty boring when it comes to my hair care routine, it hasn’t changed much over the years. I’ve stuck with the same brands. I’ve tried different products in their ranges but I always come back to the same ones. I spent a number of years with itchy scalp and eczema covered neck so call me paranoid but when I find what works I stick to it as I don’t want to go back to those horrible times.

This year a couple of additional products have crept into my routine but I’ll start with the old favourites. I’ve been banging on about Odylique Gentle Herb shampoo and Desert Essence Red Raspberry Conditioner since 2013. There haven’t been many shampoo and conditioner reviews as nothing else has made a lasting impression or gives similar results. If these products were ever discontinued I’d be a wreck which is totally superficial but I really wouldn’t know what to do.

I’ve been colouring my hair since my teens but Naturtint is the one that stuck when I became more conscience about ingredients. It first appeared on my blog in 2011. Permanent hair colour is similar to nail polish in that you’ll never truly find something “green and clean” but you can eliminate certain ingredients which are controversial. Naturtint does contain PPD if this is a concern for you but my hair is so grey these days that I’ve been unsuccessful in covering it with any other "natural" brands. 

When it comes to styling I keep it very simple as I have fine hair and don’t like using too much product. Giovanni Ultra Sleek Flat Iron Styling Mist is perfect and first appeared on my blog in 2013. A bottle lasts me a long time and my hair never feels weighed down and since my hair isn’t dried to a crisp then I trust it protects from heat styling. Often people are quick to assume the worst about the Keratin in this product but it is from plant sources. 

Recent additions to my routine are Evolve Nourishing Hair Elixir and Giovanni Vitapro Fusion Leave in Hair Treatment. I use the hair elixir once or twice a week just to keep good condition and add moisture. I never find it too heavy and it leaves my hair silky smooth. I’m still experimenting with the Giovanni Leave in treatment and so far I like using this after I have coloured my hair. I liberally spray into my damp hair and let it do its stuff. This wouldn’t replace the flat iron mist because I find it gives my hair volume not sleekness. I don’t like having “big hair” so it’s all about personal preference with this one.

As you can see I’m a creature of habit not much has changed over the years but that’s also testament to how good I think these products are. The initial switch to natural hair care can be frustrating. I certainly felt that my hair took time to purge the build up of mainstream product and my skin/scalp needed time to heal. Once you find those "magic" natural ingredients (and it does take trial and error) you’ll never look back.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned here? What are your favourite natural hair care products?

Sarah x