Green Beauty Fails - Disappointing Products featuring John Masters, RMS and Kimberley Sayer

Disappointing Products featuring John Masters, RMS and Kimberley Sayer

From time to time a product lands on the mat which I'm excited to try but it doesn't quite live up to expectations. I realised I had a little collection of items I wasn't reaching for or enthusing over so I thought I would share my thoughts with you. These are my honest opinions and are certainly not intended to undervalue the brands.

John Masters Organics Lime & Spruce Hand Cream
The texture and formulation of this hand cream is really lovely and I can't fault it in that respect but sadly it's the fragrance which is a let down. It reminds me of ....well for want of a better description....toilet cleaner and I just can't get past it. There are two other scents available (Orange & Rose and Lemon & Ginger) so maybe in the future I'll give these a whirl in the hope they would suit me better.

RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Bloom
I'm super happy with the colour I chose. Bloom is similar to my natural lip colour making it perfect for everyday wear when going for that "no makeup, makeup look". The problem I have with this lip shine is it just doesn't last on me. It disappears so quickly when just going about my day. I was hoping it would leave a stain when it wore off so re-application didn't have to occur very often. RMS Beauty has a cult following but I'm really not seeing what the fuss is about with this one. 

Kimberly Sayer Gentle Almond and Lavender Organic Face Scrub
Instead of digging into this product and giving you a review the lid remains firmly on and I've ended up wanting some questions answered. 1) a US brand sold in the UK should still comply with EU regulations so why is the ingredients label in English and not INCI? 2) The poor labelling set off alarm bells which then leads to the question are there essential oil allergens that should be declared? The allergens must be declared at certain thresholds within a product so it might not be relevant in this case but I need to be cautious none the less. 3) a number of UK websites declare the face scrub as Vegan but MILK AMINO ACIDS & LECITHIN are listed so confirmation of sources would be helpful. 

The reply....."Please find ingredients attached. We Steam Distill the majority of our organic oils which creates a pure and allergen free product. All our milk amino acids are from a vegetable source and the product is Vegan."

I asked again about changing labels and the reply....."We will be for EU countries most definitely"

I have to say that the replies were short and sharp and I've had better engagement with other brands on matters like these. Also thought it was silly that KS could provide ingredients in INCI in an email but not put it on a label

Barefoot Botanicals SOS Repair & Renew Nourishing Cleansing Cream
I've known this brand for years and I recommend to those with eczema but as you may or may not know back in 2015 I was diagnosed with sensitivity to linalool. With wash off products I can sometimes get away with the presence of linalool but sadly my skin reacted to this cleansing cream. I'm totally gutted about this but such is my life right now.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your opinions about them?

Sarah x