Sugarpuffish's Top 6 Green Beauty Products and Brands of 2016

Top 6 Green Beauty Products and Brands of 2016
I wanted to take a look back over my reviews for 2016 and pick out my favourite discoveries and brands.

January - Sugar Loaf Soaps
I've known Sugarloaf Soaps for as long as I've been running this blog so I was delighted to have Sam make the favours for our wedding. Her soaps are super lovely and create a creamy foam. I love them for shaving. Our guests also complemented us on the favours and how they have enjoyed using their soaps.

February - Skin & Tonic
My struggles with linalool have been well documented this year and my focus has definitely been on fragrance/scent free products. The Naked Beauty Oil took the top spot alongside other existing favourites. This oil includes all my favourite ingredients so it's perfect for my delicate skin and I can't recommend it enough.

April - Myroo
This year Myroo re-branded and went top 14 food allergen free (with options for fragrance free as well). It was such a huge step to make but one that was so important to the allergy community. I know many of my readers have nut allergies and want to use natural products but really struggle so I hope Myroo has filled that gap. Myroo has finished the year with great success as they are now stocked at John Lewis (Leeds) and Anthropologie.

A beautiful new launch from Bodhi & Birch was the Botanic Dew Hand & Body Wash. I've been using as a hand wash and love the delicate scent. It is pure luxury but well worth the indulgence.

September - Ermana
A new brand discovery and I immediately became hooked with the Soothe Mama Body Oil which is free from essential oils. The blend is perfect for sensitive skins and you don't need to be a Mama to use it. I think I proved that when you struggle to find products for delicate skins it is worthwhile looking in unexpected places. Products aimed at children or Mums (even men!) are not limited to these target customers.

October - Evolve
I'd known this brand for a number of years but the re-branding has made Evolve stand out again. I haven't stopped raving about them. A number of their products do not contain linalool and its been wonderful to have beautiful aromas back in my bathroom. My favourites are the Nourishing Hair Elixir and Daily Renew Facial Cream.

What have been your favourite products (or brands) for 2016?

Sarah x