Review Ere Perez, John Masters Organics, Odylique

Ere Perez, John Masters Organics, Odylique
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John Masters Organics Bare Unscented Body Lotion
After buying the Bare detangler conditioner in TK Maxx, I was curious to try more from the range. This lotion has a light texture, I usually go for something a little heavier but I’m really enjoying changing things up. I find my skin absorbs the product very quickly making application easy and fuss free. It's perfect for lazy days when you don’t have patience for rubbing in heavy balms. 

I picked this because it does not contain essential oils plus I was getting a little tired of ordering my Desert Essence body wash from the US. You all know I’m a massive fan of Odylique (no they don’t sponsor me!) it's genuine appreciation of their products. There isn’t much to be said about body washes but this gives creamy foam and feels good on my delicate skin. I can see myself buying a new bottle once this one is used up.

When I order this I had a massive pimple on my chin so it was a good opportunity to give this serum a try. I must say its unusual for me to get spots but the spot on serum is an all-rounder suitable for those little medical emergencies like cuts and bites. I picked up the 20ml size which is perfect if you simply don’t need this product on a regular basis. Spot on Serum has a medicinal scent which I associate with tea tree and lavender. A little goes a long way and it packs a punch as it helps reduce pain and inflammation, it doesn’t clear a pimple overnight but it aids with the healing process in the long run. Great product and one I'm happy to recommend.

You’d be mistaken if you thought this was a lipstick as it leans more towards a tinted lip balm. The colour pay off is a sheer tint and I find it nourishing. Perfect for lazy days when you want a little pick me up but you don’t want to spend time on makeup. The colour is similar to my own skin tone you might not notice I’m wearing it but that's ok as I still see a difference. I also love the fact that the Lipbar is suitable for Vegans. I'm definitely tempted to try other colours.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them?

Sarah x


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