Review Green People Scent Free Conditioner

Review Green People Scent Free Conditioner
If you have been with my blog since the beginning, you will know my love for Desert Essence Red Raspberry Conditioner. Sadly I have suspicions that my most recent bottle has been causing irritation. I don’t know if the formula has been tweaked, maybe I’m imaging things or perhaps it’s just one of those weird unexplained events often common to having sensitive skin.

After all the global events occurring at this time, I feel super lame for saying this but I’m pretty gutted about having to shop for a new conditioner. I know I need to get over it lol. I’m struggling to find something even half decent in comparison to Desert Essence and added to my woes is the need to avoid certain allergens which limits my choices. I should explain that my hair is fine and coloured so I need to find that middle ground between hydrating the dryness but without weighing it down. 

I started out with Faith in Nature Fragrance Free Conditioner which I will not bother to review because it’s the most useless product I have ever encountered. It’s as runny as a shampoo and didn’t make a difference to my hair. I’ve had better luck with Green People Scent Free Conditioner but it’s not a perfect match to Desert Essence. The reason why I’m not singing its praises is it doesn’t have the same detangling power and if I use too much I get lank hair. The Green People conditioner is not a particularly thick product and I’d say it feels thinner than Desert Essence. I do miss a raspberry fragrance but scent free does eliminate the risk of irritation. 

You can probably tell from this rather flat review that Green People Scent Free Conditioner is "middle of the road" for me. It’s not the worse one I’ve ever purchase but it just cannot compete with my favourite. I enjoy using other Green People products and would still recommend them for readers with allergies and sensitive skin. 

Have you tried Green People? What do you think of the brand? Do you have a favourite product?

Sarah x