Free From Easter Eggs suitable for dietary restrictions - milk avoiders and Vegans

Free From Easter Eggs suitable for dietary restrictions milk allergy and Vegans

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Original Post Updated for 2024

Easter products for those with dietary restrictions are fairly easy to find in the big Supermarkets, even Aldi has upped their game this year. You'll find branded and own brand easter treats on the shelves in most stores. Please do check ingredient labels and remember Vegan chocolate isn't always suitable for Milk allergy. 

Cocoa Libre - artisan chocolate eggs are available suitable for allergies including nut free

Moo Free - this is a brand catering for allergies, available direct or in retailers, Free From Rocky Road Easter Egg and Strawberry Sundae are looking tempting this year

NoMo - I'm totally addicted to Cookie Dough Bunny, I've usually eaten a million of them before Easter! Ultimate Egg Bunnies & Mini Bars is top of my wish list

Mummy Meegz - if you are missing Creme Eggs then Chuckie Egg is your vegan alternative, I purchased a 3 x egg box at Waitrose

Happi - Oat Milk chocolate Easter Eggs in three flavours - Plain, Orange and Salted Caramel

Kakoa - a range of luxury Easter eggs alongside truffle eggs in a variety of flavours, I'm currently eyeing up cookies & cream and peanut butter

Ombar - you have a choice of Coco M'lk or Oat M'lk for these Easter Eggs

Firetree - whilst they may not have a egg shaped chocolate in their collection, I had to mention this beautiful, luxurious chocolate if you want an extra special treat