Lets talk trash - March Empties featuring Joik, Skin & Tonic, Ermana, Evolve Organic Beauty

Green Beauty Empties Joik Skin & Tonic Balm Balm Ermana Rossi Evolve
(Disclaimer - some products are PR samples others I bought myself)

I’m not entirely sure why Empties are so interesting but they allow me the opportunity to show you I enjoyed every drop and give my final thoughts on products. Usually I would film for my YouTube channel but I haven’t found the time recently. I think people underestimate how consuming it can be. Anyway let’s chat about the product pictured above. I’ll link any reviews I previously wrote.

Joik BB Cream - I like using tinted creams under my powder foundation. The Joik BB cream is great and I have enjoyed using it up but I’m back using my previous favourite the Madara Moonflower Rose Beige tinting fluid. I was swayed by a discount, no other reason really to switching out as I like them both equally.

Rossi Uvema Cleansing Oil - I’m easily pleased with cleansing oils and enjoyed the marzipan scent of the Rossi Cleanser. Fragrance free products are a lifesaver for me so this wins me over easily. I did replace this with my all time favourite Handmade Naturals (it was on promotion at the time I ran out) but I would happily go back to the Rossi one at some point in future.

Skin & Tonic Makeup Remover - I enjoyed using this makeup remover as a daily cleanser. Again an unscented product so it worked really well for my delicate skin. I would happily buy another one in the future but as mentioned above I do go back and forth between brands I love. 

Ermana Mama Soothe Body Oil - I loved this oil, perfect for me as unscented and great to use across the body after getting out of the shower. During the winter oils are a go-to product to keep my very dry skin hydrated as much as possible. I like to layer with body creams.

Ermana Cleanse Balm - This is the trial size pot but still lasted me a couple of weeks. I’ve ended up with mixed feelings about this cleansing balm which I plan to share in my next Love Lula Monthly Review. I enjoyed the scent (grapefruit and no linalool) but it feels a little too heavy for me. I’m undecided whether I would move up to the full size.

Evolve Satin Leg Gloss - I bought this oil for my sister’s beach wedding last summer as I wanted a shimmery product for the occasion. Evolve products are always beautifully scented and this leg gloss was a pleasure to use but I would have preferred a little more sparkle (it gives a sheen to the skin). The bottle needs a good shake before using as the mica settles at the bottom.

Balm Balm Rose Floral Water - Rose isn’t my favourite scent but I didn’t mind this floral water from Balm Balm. I wouldn’t buy for myself but was happy to use the product up. I like to use floral water for toner and have previously used the chamomile version from Balm Balm. Great brand and product for anyone who likes to keep things organic and simple.

Sarah x