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What natural skincare is available on the high street?

What natural skincare is available on the high street?
I’m often asked where to buy natural and organic skincare on the high street. I mainly shop online but if I’m ever caught short e.g. I’m away from home and I’ve forgotten to pack my moisturiser, then I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Holland & Barrett
In my opinion it’s the best place to shop. The biggest range in store will be Dr Organics but you’ll also find Sukin, Trilogy, Beauty Kitchen, Weleda, Faith in Nature, Crazy Rumors, Akin, SAAF, Lavera and many more.

The best supermarket chain for greener products, when in store look out for Neals Yard, Weleda, Akin, Fushi, Pure Potions, Amie and Nourish. 

My go to in airports because I know there are free from brands which I am happy to use in an emergency. In store you can spot Yes To, Bulldog (for men) and deodorant brands Pitrok and Keep It Kind. More recently I’ve learned that you should find Sukin which is a reputable natural brand.

Marks & Spencer
Sadly only a few green brands spotted in store but they are recognisable and highly regarded so look for Neals Yard, Balance Me and Dr Hauschka. Yes you can buy REN but I've boycotted them for selling out to Unilever!

TK Maxx
Always worth a rummage as you’ll be surprised what you can find. I can’t guarantee the brands but I can tell you I have seen Sukin, Balance Me, Faith in Nature, Deep Steep, Neom, Pai, Dr Bronner’s and Dr Hauschka.

For full disclosure not everyone agrees on ingredients and classification of Green Beauty so I'm offering my perspective. Just be aware that on the high street you may have to dodge greenwashing (e.g. Soaper Duper, Good Things & Kind Natured) and some brands are only 'free from' certain undesirable ingredients. A good, honest natural brand can still be hard to find but it’s getting better, for instance, I took the photo above at a garden centre. I was amazed to find Akin skincare, a very well known Australian natural brand which I highly recommend. 

Did I miss anything off my list? Where do you buy natural skincare? Are you shopping on the high street?

Sarah x

Disclaimer - I am not sponsored by brands mentioned in this article.


  1. Hi Sarah, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and very glad I did! It sounds like my experience is very similar to yours – awful childhood eczema, got in under control at the age of 20, then BAM! 25 now and the bloody stuff has come back despite me still avoiding allergens. I’ve had an overhaul of my beauty products which has helped enormously but I still live with painful, unsightly flare-ups when I’m exposed to allergens which I can’t control (heat, stress etc). When my skin is clear it’s really clear but it’s always niggling in the back of my mind that it’ll pop up again and it tends to do this at in-opportune moments when I could do without it (see: stress, heat etc) lol.
    I caught up with an old school friend recently who had very similar eczema to mine at the age of 13 (we both had it all over our bodies and it was the sore, weepy, infected kind) and now she has beautiful, clear, eczema free skin due to red-light treatment she managed to get on the NHS. She swears it has cured her eczema and she hasn’t had a single bit of it for 4 years since the treatment (3 month treatment twice a week apparently). I am keen as a bean to get this treatment but my doctor hadn’t heard of it and thinks it would be a difficult thing for me to get after all the NHS cuts. I am tempted to buy my own red-light device as I don’t know if I can face all the back and forth with doctors and derms, but cynical at this stage. Have you ever heard of this kind of treatment? Have you tried any alternative treatments/ therapies which have worked? I’m really getting sick of just ‘managing’ my eczema and will try anything to cure it if I believe it has a shot!

    1. Hi Lilly it certainly does sound like your skin history has similarities to my own. I've had friends with psoriasis who receive light treatments on NHS, I think it might also be known as phototherapy? I assume it's a similar or the same treatment? My eczema is classic Atopic so the links are with allergies, aside from natural skincare & dietary changes I haven't tried anything else. Eczema is super frustrating because it seems one persons "cure" is not always working for others. I understand your frustrations. Has your GP never made a dermatologist referral? I found my appointment a few years back very revealing and far more informative than any GP appointment I'd ever had. Might be worth seeing a different GP, ask the surgery if anyone has an interest in eczema. I went through 3 different GPs until someone paid attention and made the referrals I was asking for.