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(Gifted PR samples)

The months are whizzing past at the moment and I wish they would slow down. If you're unsure how this works basically I'm part of Love Lula's Blogger Programme and every month I can chose products from their site. I usually aim to test for 3 to 4 weeks and then I publish these monthly mini reviews. I provide honest reviews and I'm always critical where necessary so I hope that helps.

John Masters Organics Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist - I’m always looking to treat my hair since I colour regularly leaving it a little frizzy and dry. You’ll probably know my usual heat protecting mist is something I've been using for the past four years but I thought I’d branch out and try John Masters Organics. Key ingredients include green tea, calendula, broccoli seed, chamomile and rosemary. I have fine hair and so far this mist is not weighing it down or creating a build up. I’m impressed by how light it feels. I like to be honest in all my reviews and I will say I’m slightly disappointed by the scent. The note that stands out to me is ylang ylang which I dislike and it's not a pleasant fragrance for me (personal preference!) however the scent doesn’t linger for long so I can live with it. I class John Masters Organics as a luxury brand so feel the product needs to be a worthwhile investment. I can't prove that it's protecting but I'm loving how my hair feels however I have cheaper products that do the same so that leaves me undecided. Sorry if that doesn't help but I am pretty sure this conditioning mist is ideal for anyone with fine hair that struggles to find something to protect without that greasy feeling.

Inika Trial Kit (Shade: Light)I spotted this trial kit on the Love Lula site and I thought this would be perfect for testing. The kit is also suitable for cabin allowance which saves hassle of decanting product. Despite the size the pots/tubes have lasted 7 days (and counting!). I definitely prefer the liquid foundation over the mineral powders, the latter doesn’t sit well on my skin and the colours are not the correct match for my skin tone. Obviously discovering these flaws is what makes a kit like this ideal as investing in full sizes might be a costly mistake. I'm still undecided whether I would go ahead and make a full size purchase however I know Inika is a great brand and it's often overlooked.

Madara Protecting Hand Cream - This is by far my favourite product for the month, it’s a lovely rich hand cream which sinks in easily and perfect for my very dry skin. I love how it feels and I’m not using it as often as I was because my hands feel so much better now. In comparison to my favourite hand cream Madara is identical in performance and costs less (at current prices I'd be saving £6 a tube!). I highly recommend and I'm so pleased I decided to order, I would buy another when it runs out.

Rossi Uvema Seabuckthorn & Hyssop Face Moisturiser - At the moment I’m back to favouring cream moisturisers over oils, no particular reasons for this just my current mood. As I was almost out of the Triology Very Gentle cream it seemed like the perfect time to try this one from Rossi. The Seabuckthorn & Hyssop Face Moisturiser does not contain essential oils making it ideal for sensitive skin types. Whilst there is no added fragrance it does have an unusual natural scent from its ingredients which takes a bit of getting used to. This Rossi moisturiser is a good every day product and does work for my skin type (dry, sensitive, eczema prone) but if I’m honest I’m not completely sold on it due to the aroma so I doubt I would replace when it runs out. 

Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned here? Do you enjoy these mini reviews? Do they help you decide what to try next? 

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