Wax + Wick Green Tea and Almond Candle

Wax + Wick Green Tea and Almond Soy Wax Candle
I bought this Wax + Wick candle back in April after seeing Sasha (Balanced Beauty Bristol) mention the brand in a video. Sasha certainly influenced me with her enthusiasm because I rarely buy candles. There were a number of reasons why Wax + Wick appealed to me which I want to share with you.

I love the idea of taking wine bottles and repurposing them into candles. It's not only zero waste but also adds to the uniqueness of the design. My jar isn't perfect and has a couple of raised edges (they are sanded down so not sharp). The ingredients are simply soy wax and oils (local & organic when possible) there is no palm oil, artificial or synthetic colours and they are vegan friendly. I also feel that at £18 these candles are affordable in comparison to competitors and the burn time is stated as 45 hours.

The scent collection stands out with interesting aromas, to name a few Smoked Tobacco & Salted Bourbon, Amber & Mineral and Lavender & Bay Leaf. I was certainly curious about Green Tea & Almond as a scent and whilst it wasn't as I imagine it is still beautiful but don't ask me to describe it as I wouldn't know where to start!

If you love candles and embrace recycling and repurposing then check out Wax + Wick. I've also noticed that they have added vases to the website, these are also made using wine and spirit bottles.

Sarah x